Why music?

Path with Art transforms the lives of people recovering from homelessness, addiction, and other trauma by harnessing the power of creative engagement as a bridge to community and a path to stability.

There is a wealth of evidence to support the therapeutic capabilities of creative expression, and music in particular – it is a powerful tool to support recovery from illness and trauma. At Path with Art, we have found that music engages people in skill building and goal setting, reduces anxiety and stress, helps folks develop self-confidence and coping skills, encourages self-discovery, and provides venues for interaction and community. 

Path with Art has a ten year history of connecting community members in need to meaningful arts programming, including music programming. Trauma has a way of disconnecting people from the activities that give a sense of meaning or purpose, but music offers a way to reconnect – a passion to develop and cary through recovery, towards healing.

The students in Path with Art’s STRUM program have incredibly diverse musical interests and experiences, and Path with Art is committed to serving them all. You can help us leverage the power of music by supporting our students in their recovery